Chugach, Alaska | 2016

Chugach, Alaska | 2016

Brands I've collaborated with:

  • IMAX Corporation

  • Mattel

  • Playboy

  • Red Bull Media House

  • Insight TV

  • Outside TV

  • The Travel Channel

  • AMG-Mercedes Benz

  • World Surf League

  • Donut Media

  • TAG Heuer



P.J. Lungren is an award-winning producer, director, writer and cinematographer with over 92 episodes of television to his credit. He is best known for his extensive work in the action and adventure genres, specializing in UHD (Ultra High Definition), HFR (High Frame Rate), and HDR (High Dynamic Range) television for one of the world’s first Ultra HD networks (2016). 

His early years were shaped by the mountain life. Growing up in Squaw Valley, California, P.J. learned how to ski at the age of two. The wilderness around Lake Tahoe was his backyard and his parents encouraged him to explore as much of it as possible. 

On a summer surf trip in at the age of fourteen, P.J’s aunt handed him a 35mm SLR camera. From that point on, he never put it down. Seizing his newfound passion, P.J. photographed the surroundings and athletes in the Tahoe area for product catalogs, periodicals and advertisements. Photography soon led to motion pictures, and in 2005 P.J. began shooting Super 16mm film for ski movies and short form projects. In 2006, P.J. moved to San Francisco to pursue a degree in visual arts and graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles in 2010.

P.J. has produced projects in over 15 countries and 20 states. He thrives in high risk and high pressure situations. P.J.’s resources span the globe. Contact him here to collaborate on your next project.